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YellowBird Labs is happy to announce the production of Banding Pliers for use in bird-banding.

array of bird banding pliers

I am a retired Mechanical Engineer who has worked on everything from typewriters to satellites during my career. The last ten of my working years were spent designing and building equipment for a research group at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I have been building banding pliers for over 12 years and have shipped hundreds of pairs to all parts of the country and abroad. The photographs on this website show examples of hand-crafted tools already in use by my satisfied customers.

Each pair of pliers is custom made for the band size or sizes specified by each customer. Some pairs of pliers can accommodate any two sizes of bands within a certain size range; larger pliers are generally made to use with any one size band, but exceptions might be possible. Examples and prices appear on the Products page.

I also repair pliers made by others. See the products page for before and after photos of repaired pliers.

My mission is to provide the best banding pliers available at a reasonable price while having a lot of fun and making a little profit. I guarantee your satisfaction. If there is a problem with your pliers please contact me. On rare occasions I make a mistake. I will make it right or return your payment.

To order, please use the contact form and specify what size bands you want your pliers to fit.

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