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My mission is to provide the best banding pliers available at a reasonable price while having a lot of fun and making a little profit. I guarantee your satisfaction. If there is a problem with your pliers please contact me. On rare occasions I make a mistake. I will make it right or return your payment.


Here are some of the nice things our customers have said about our products and services:

"I would never go anywhere else to try and find pliers that are perfectly fit for the band sizes I need.  Tom's custom-made pliers are not only excellent quality, they are reasonably priced and his turn-around time is great."  (Dava, Missouri)

"Thank you, Mr. Fowler, for such wonderful pliers. The best I've ever used. I even put a link to your page onto my facebook page letting my fellow banders know where the best place to get pliers are." (Andrea, Georgia)

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new 1b pliers.  They work so smoothly." (Ann, Wisconsin)

"I would happily recommend your pliers.  They look very good and feel nice in the hand.  They survived a field season in salt marshes (a tough environment on any tool!) and I was very happy with how they worked.  The bands closed easily with no scratches.  Looking forward to breaking them out again this spring." (Sarah, Maryland)

"The pliers arrived last Thursday, and were put into action on Friday. They worked wonderfully.  So far all of the banders who have used both pairs have been impressed. It has been great working with you and I will be sure to let other banders know that we are happy with your work." (Paul, Florida)

"The pliers you made for me are exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone. The opened bands fit perfectly into the plier opening and closes them properly. Thanks again for a great pair of pliers." " (Lance, New York)

"I wanted to let you know we got the pliers.  They are wonderful, they exceeded our expectations.  The opening pin not only opens our service bands, but it also works on our auxiliary oystercatcher bands.  Thank you." (Bobbi, Florida)

"The pliers work just fine at opening the #2 and #3B bands and did a great job at closing them tight. They will get a good workout when we band the tricolored blackbirds this nesting season. I will send anyone that is looking for a good pair of banding pliers your way. Keep up the good work and quality of your pliers.................
I have banded over 5000 tricolored blackbirds with the #2 slot, and 3 to 4 hundred kestrels with the #3B slot on the special order pliers you made for me.  My record was banding 1166 tricolors in one day by myself, and I could have banded more, but I ran out of bands and going home to get more bands would have stressed the birds in the traps, so I went back the next day and banded over 800 more. Your pliers worked great opening and closing the bands." (Steve, California)

"The pliers are great............received them last week.......Probably will need some for smaller birds after first of the year............ keep up the good work...........we need you .............." (Joey, West Virginia)

"The size 1 pliers you repaired for me a couple of years ago are still going strong." (Anya, Washington State)

"Your pliers have been getting a workout this week, my first week of banding in '09....I have banded about 200 tricolored blackbirds and expect many, many more before the season is over. The pliers work great, especially the pin that opens the bands. It's infintely better at opening the bands and does so consistently and reliably, never causing a band to spring off and be lost, as did my old pliers.... I'm enjoying using then a lot, they're much better than my previous pliers, and I'm looking forward to using them for many years. Many thanks for producing a quality product." (Bob, California)

"I received them yesterday -- thanks much! I especially appreciate that they are not stiff like other new banding pliers I have purchased.' (Anna, Wisconsin)

"I received my banding pliers a few days ago, and they look amazingly clean. Thanks very much for your work." (Cathie, Illinois)

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